Tumblr ☯♥

I am sorry for my Tumblr.. this page is so messed up!
It is like me.
I have a very mad mind.. so, if i change all the theme and the photo theme is all normal.. i need to change everytime.
I need to follow my mind.
I think also that the change is the key of the happiness.
Follow yourself and everything will be ok! I am sure of this.
In a few words.. if the photos change totally theme everytime you don’t worry, is just me that i will mad.
Tumblr is the door of your heart, when somebody look your page.. he see the part of you, the most part private, most delicate, most secret, most real..
Tumblr is not only a simple site. Tumblr is a friend.
Be Blessed.

(Fonte: sanssa)

Cosa vuoi?
Cosa non vuoi?
Cosa ti manca?
Cosa non ti manca?
Chi sei?
Chi non sei?

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